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Being in the Professional Radio Communications Business for almost 45 years gives us a very solid experience base to provide solutions to organizations, no matter what size they are. Any operation from a small document or food delivery service, to banks, airport logistical services, hotels and resorts, utilities, gold mining operations, and all the way to factories and transnational corporations. Having the understanding to efficiently communicate with our customers at their own level enables us to better recognize their needs and deliver the best possible solutions in accordance to their specific requirements.

We can provide your organization with next-generation professional two-way radio communications solutions, with more performance, productivity and value—thanks to digital technology that delivers increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, with integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications. Our versatile portfolio can provide anything from a single radio and all the way to a complete repeater system, mobile radios, antennas, accessories and data applications—an integral solution.

Our system design and deployment strategies always center on closely listening to the customer's primary requirements and long term expectations. This allows us to custom design a system from the start that will not only be capable to fulfill present day requirements, but will also be able to expand to handle additional traffic or features as the business grows. If you need to be able to efficiently and clearly communicate with your staff, we can deliver operations-critical loud and clear voice plus data communications systems designed for the everyday worker by providing cost-effective and reliable connectivity to your organization.

We know you cannot afford to wait for weeks on end for a radio to be repaired so we take it very seriously to help your organization to be able to depend on your equipment, therefore we specially emphasize our Repair and Maintenance Services. We are very aware that our customers rely on their radios as necessary tools for daily logistics of their operations, security or maintenance crews, and sometimes even to a mission-critical level. Our repair and maintenance service turn around times are always kept to a minimum, and usually within 24-48 hours (or less) your radio will be ready to go back into service.


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